Welcome Snatched babes! I am Kayla Rivers proud CEO of Snatched By Twin LLC. I was born along with my twin and raised in Bradenton, Florida where I spent 20 years of my life. At the tender age of 20, my twin and I moved to Tampa, Florida to start our new journey in life. Upon moving, I had three jobs and was attending State College of Florida. Unfortunately, one of my jobs was only local in Bradenton so I had to quit   Which took me down to two jobs. I later became promoted within a couple years of moving to Tampa with both jobs at Walmart and Footaction. I have 10+ years of managerial experience in both customer service and retail throughout the years those jobs molded me into the people person, goal oriented, in shape person I am today. While working with Footaction for 8 years I learned the importance of staying and eating healthy and of course access to the hottest shoes on the market. Which brings me to why I opened my own business. Due to the fact that, I workout and wear waist trainers with fitness gear people would constantly ask where I would get my waist trainers from. So I figured why not use my knowledge I’ve attained throughout the years and go into business for myself and help women feel good about themselves and look great doing it! Incredibly that was the birth of the soon to be empire Snatched By Twin LLC.

Our mission is to be a source of inspiration for women no matter who they are or what they love to do. We work hard to provide shapewear that fits great, feels great, and looks great on every body. We want you to be able to express exactly who you are and be fully comfortable, both with yourself and in our brand.


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